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Medical & Educational Instruments




The 3B Scientific ® product range includes: • Artificial skeletons, torsos and human organ models • Physically technical teaching aids and systems • injection trainer, nursing mannequins & medical simulators • models from the fields of biology, chemistry and zoology • Anatomical and wall panels and ana (c) omische Gifts • Anatomical teaching and learning software • Acupuncture needles of brands SEIRIN ®, moxa, etc. • Acupuncture Laser devices • Acupuncture - and Kinesiotape • therapy and fitness products • massage and therapy tables , the customer 's customer 3B Scientific are among the world universities, schools, ministries and other authorities of health and education, hospitals, acupuncturists and physical therapists, physicians and students, the pharmaceutical industry and distributors of educational teaching aids and medical dealers. Read More