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Radiation Protection










The actual offer of FOMA Bohemia Ltd comprises the following products
-for amateur and professional photographers
FOMAPAN black-and-white negative films, FOMASPEED black-and-white papers with fixed and variable contrast, FOMABROM black-and-white papers with fixed contrast, FOMATONE black-and-white papers with warm tone;
– for medical use
MEDIX X-ray films for medical use - for conventional and up-to-date diagnostic methods, in a wide choice of general and special types including dental X-ray films.
– for industrial defectoskopy
INDUX X-ray films for industrial use – for non-destructive testing (NDT), completed by an additional assortment of products, service and consulting;
– special materials
papers and fotopapers for inkjet printers, films for dosimetry, black-and-white films for aerial photography, films for surveillance of indoor spaces and traffic, foil for use in criminal investigations, registration paper for tachographs of motorized rail vehicles;
processing chemicals for all kinds of delivered materials as liquid concentrates or in solid form, toning solutions and wetting agents.


















Nucleonix Systems (P) Ltd. founded in the year 1990 is primarily engaged in design, development, manufacturing and supplying of Nuclear radiation measuring and Allied Instrumentation. Product range offered by Nucleonix Systems caters to various market segments. Choose your option from the list given below to navigate and select product(s) / product segment of your interest.

Products (Complete range) : By selecting this option, one can view & navigate through complete product range offered by the company covering all the market segments. Classification, under this is based on the nature of electronics, instrument type, function & application.
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University Education & Research : University Education (Teaching & Research Labs) - in Physics /  Engineering Physics / Applied Physics / Nuclear / Radiation Physics / Nuclear Chemistry / Life Science / Radiation Biology / Agricultural Sciences / Nuclear Engineering / Instrumentation Engineering / Environmental Sciences etc

Atomic Power & Nuclear Research : Nuclear Research / Atomic Power Stations /  Nuclear waste immobilization plants / Research Reactors  / Industrial & Other Radiological Installations etc.

Health Physics Instrumentation for : Cancer Hospitals / Nuclear Medicine Centers / Radiotherapy Departments / Oncology Departments / Medical Physics Research / Medical Cyclotron PET - CT centres, Industry.

Atomic Mineral Exploration & Mining Industry / Env . Radiation Monitoring / Measurements : Atomic Mineral Exploration / Uranium Mining Industry / Environmental Radiation Monitoring / Measurements etc.

Home Land Security / NBC equipments for Surveillance / Nuclear Disaster management / Nuclear Education & training   - To minimize risk to Health, Life and Environment. These products include - instruments for individual protection of first responders, radiation detection & measurement, contamination measument in food stuffs, other commodities, water, air / Environment etc., Equipments for training of NBC responders. All these equipments, include portable, installed & vehicle mounted monitoring systems.

Radioactive Contamination (RaC) inspection systems / Products / Services: For checking Radioactive Contamination (RaC) in various products to include Steel, Casting, Engineering components, minerals, soil & food stuffs such as meat, vegetable, diary products, chocolates, edible oils, water, air & Environment etc.

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PCTRAN is the most successful desktop simulator for all types of light water nuclear reactors. It is specifically designed for many different plant types, including PWR, BWR, advanced AREVA EPR, Westinghouse AP1000, GE ABWR, and ESBWR. PCTRAN's simulation scope extends to severe accidents and dose dispersion. Since its first introduction in 1985 by Micro-Simulation Technology, PCTRAN has been selected by the IAEA as the training platform for its annual Advanced Reactor Simulation workshop. Plant-specific models have been installed at nuclear power plants and institutions all over the world for practical application in training, analysis, probabilistic safety assessment, and emergency exercises.