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SEO (Surface Electro Optics)



Phoenix 300 Touch

Phoenix 300 Touch

Precisely drop size control by software and multiple function for Auto drop, touch drop to surface.
Automaticlally drop volume adjust by software(1㎕ per)
Smart capture for Super hydrophilic material
Static contact angle system by touch to surface and Sessile Drop
Sessile drop method and touch to surface, Using in parallel
Preview function can capture contact angle in an instant
Pendent drop for Surface Tension (automatically calculate)
Contact angle
Rang : 0-180 degree
Accuracy: 0.1 degree or more

New Phoenix HT

New Phoenix HT

Contact angle measure : 0-180 degree
Measurement Accuracy : +/- 0.1 degree
Tempature Range : From Room Temputer up to 1,750
Sample Size 30mm x 50mm (Able to customizing)
640x480 Pixel Size
Analyzed data export to Microsoft excel
Invert Color function
2modes of Manual measurement function(2pt,4Pt)
Ciller (Circulation System)
Light Source : Hid right source
4modes of Capture function (Single,Sequence,Verify, Programed)
Segment temperature setting system (more than 6)
Water circulation system

Phoenix 150













General Type Phoenix 150

The Phoenix 150 is a simplified version of SEO's Phoenix 300 Contact Angle Analyzer.
The Phoenix 150 is lighter and has a smaller footprint than the Phoenix 300.
The Phoenix 150 was specifically developed with Quality Assurance and provides convenient contact angle measurements for evaluation of surface treatments and cleanliness.
The Phoenix 150 has a special designed optical system of reducing the light scattering and mounting an easy camera all direction adjustment.
The fluid is dispensed from a manually controlled syringe system guaranteeing predetermined and controlled drop volumes. The syringe tip can be replaced to change the drop volume, depending on your requirements and syringe holder can be controlled convenient for use.

Precise contact angel measurements from 0 to 180 degrees.
Fluid dispensing from a precisely controlled manual syringe system.
Easily replaceable syringe tips to allow for varied drop size, allowing for increased flexibility in your research.
Surface Energy, Pendant Drop & Contact Angle calculations can be made automatically.


Name: Phoenix 150
Unit size(L*H*W) in mm: 300*700*650
Power : 110/220 V, 50/6 0Hz
Weight : 18 Kg
Max. Sample size(L*H*W)in mm: 150×∞
Zoom: 6 fold
Focus: Internal, ±6 mm
Resolution: 768 × 576 NTSC, 16M color
Max measuring speed: 30 images/s
Dispensing type: Precious manual syringe system
Light source: Rear lamp, White LED
Operating system: Windows XP
Evaluation methods: Static/Dynamic contact angles, Pendant drop analysis, Surface     Energy, Continuation capture images
Contact angle: 0 ~ 180 °, ±1° accuracy
Surface and interfacial tension: 10-1~103 mN/m
Temperature measurement: External
Accessories: Guide book, Styring and tip set, level, tweezers, Extra Fuse and lamp, Tool box, etc.
Options: Computer system(Factory Setup). Precious 3 axis stage, Tilt stage, Long stage for long sample



Portable Type

Phoenix - Mini







Portable Type Phoenix-Mini

The Phoenix-Mini is specifically developed to the lighter and smaller size for QA/QC, and provides easy portability and convenient measurements for evaluation of surface treatments and cleanliness. The Phoenix-Mini has a pre-aligned fixed optical system, so it does not need any focus adjustmentsThe fluid is dispensed by the precisely manual system for small drop volumes and the easily replaceable tips increase flexibility in your research The backlight system of the Phoenix-Mini is specifically designed for analyzing good images.
The Phoenix- Mini is available to connect to a Notebook and a desktop PC via 1394 port,so it is a valuable tool for on the spot QC, R&D, and training.

Precise contact angle measurements form 0 to 180 degrees
Convenient operation and portability via 1394 port
Auto calculation of Contact angle & Surface energy
Easy and Simple Operation


Model: Phoenix-Mini
Sample size: 40 x 25 (mm)
Connecting type: Frame Grabber or 1394, 90frames/sec or 30frames/sec
(LXWXH,in/mm): 7.5 x 5 x7/150x120x180
Dispensing type: Precise Manual System
Contact angle: 0 ~ 180°, ± 0.1° accuracy
Evaluation method: Static/dynamic contact angles, Pendent drop for Surface tension Surface energy.
Operating system: Windows



Wafer / OLED Type Pioneer 300

















Wafer/OLEDType Pioneer 300

Digital Analyzer for Wafer Surface

The Pioneer 300 Wafer Surface Analysis System is specially designed for use in 300 mm
semiconductor wafer processing for quality control. The Pioneer 300 provides quick and
accurate contact angle/surface energy measurements of the wafer surface to adhesion,
cleanliness and surface treatments.

The use of anti-static materials in the Pioneer 300 makes it well suited for semiconductor
applications. The inner portions are specially designed to prevent particulate formation or
contamination and the system can be used to monitor the ultra clean surface processing
of silicon wafers. The position of the sample stage is computer controlled and can be
precisely adjusted along the x-,y-, or z- axis. The user can easily control the position of
the stage to allow for wafer surface mapping. The instrument uses micro-pump controlled
by PC for precise and repeatable liquid drop formation and application. This insures that a
reproducible drop volume is applied to the surface.

Coating assessment of the HMDS process.
Wafer mapping Display for surface contamination detection.
Adhesive and primer preparation.
Coating uniformity & Coating quality.


Name: Pioneer 300 M (Manual type), Pioneer 300 A (Automatic type),(Wafer cleanness and treatment analyzer)
Unit size(L*H*W) in mm: 1000*700*750
Weight: 70 Kg
Max. Sample size(L*W)in mm: 300 mm wafer (4/6/8/12 inch wafer available)
Max. Sample thickness in mm: 10
Zoom: 6.4 fold
Focus: Internal, ±6 mm
Resolution: 768 × 576 NTSC, 16M color
Max measuring speed: 30 fr/s(frame grabber) or 90fr/s (digital Camera)
Dispensing type: Automatic (Using a controllable step moter)
Light source: Adjustable White LED Module
Operating system: Windows
Evaluation methods: Static/Dynamic contact angles, Surface Energy
Contact angle: 5 ~ 180 °, ±0.1° accuracy
Surface and interfacial tension: 10-1~103 mN/m Resolution ±0.5 mN/m
Temperature measurement: External
Accessories: Guide book, Syring and tip set, level, tweezers, Extra Fuse and , Tool box, etcAccessories: Guide book, Syring and tip set, level, tweezers, Extra Fuse and , Tool box, etc
Options: External temperature


OEM Type
Phoenix 600




























OEM Type Phoenix 600

Fully Automatic type Phoenix 600

The Phoenix 600 is a newest product and much upgraded for accurate and precise
measurement by fully automatic operation. The system can offer the flexibility required
for scientific research and engineering process development.

The Phoenix 600 system controls the fluid dispensing system automatically by embedded
a stepping motor system for precise and repeatable drop formation and application.
The tip can touch the sample by computer controlling in order to place a liquid drop on it
for user’s convenience. This insures that a reproducible drop volume is applied to the
surface. The multiple syringes (max. 3) dispensing system can be modified to dispense
3 liquids at the same time as user’s request.
This sample stage can be precisely adjusted along the X- Y- or Z- axis and rotate on a
Z- axis for accurate sample position. Also, the stage can be tilted automatically for
measuring dynamic contact angles. The sample size would be no limited up to 12” wafer
and 300 x 350 mm.
The Phoenix600 system can guarantee to carry out the highly upgraded research for
your special applications.

Fully Automatic control for high precision and low errors.
Automatic and rapid data analysis and high-speed dynamic image capture.
Auto calculation of surface energy and work of adhesion
High-resolution and powerful image capture system
Automatic moving stage for sample positioning
Available to modify various sample stages
Installation of multiple syringe (max. 3) assembly

Static/ Dynamic Contact Angles
Advancing and Receding contact angle by Captive method
Surface Energy/ Surface Tension
Sessile Drop/ Pendent Drop
Sequence image captures by time basis

Typical Application
Semiconductor applications
Evaluation of cleanliness/treatment/coating processing
Detection of organic contamination on PCB and electronic components.
Hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity of solid surfaces
Quality control and R&D for 12” wafer and OLED
Analysis of plasma treatments to increase the wettability on polymers surfaces.

Thermal chamber (RT to 250℃)
Thermal pad (RT to 250℃ )
Multi-Syringe dispensing system
Tilt stage
Large size stage for up to 300 x 350 mm or more
Circular rotation stage for 12” wafer


Model: Phoenix600
Power Max.: 110V to 240VAC
Sample size (W x H x L): 300x 300 (12" )  wafer /300x 400mm general
Max.Frame rate: 30fr/s (frame grabber) or 90fr/s (Digital camera)
Zoom: 6.4 fold
Focus: Internal, ± 6 (mm)
Resolution: 768 x 576 NTSC, 16M color
Dispensing type: PC controlled automatic syringe system,semi-auto & Manual drop  
Dimensions(LxWxH,in/mm): 385x290x256/9800x7400x6500
Max.Fluid number: 1 liquid(option:3 liquids)
Contact Angle range: 0~180°
Accuracy: ± 0.1° accuracy
Operating system: Windows


Image XP - Mini



Image XP - Mini

The ImageXP-mini is designed for only Phoenix-Mini system and can automatically calculate contact angles and surface energies. The tools in the IMAGE XP- Mini software are simplified for measuring contact angles so that the user can handle and operate the system easily and conveniently. This software can provide quick and accurate analysis and all data is automatically stored.

Accurate and fast analysis
Auto calculation function of Contact angle and Surface Energy.